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sign up for the youth pass pilot

$26 monthly & $7 weekly passes available.

Slots are limited РYouth Ages 12-21 ENROLL BEFORE APRIL 30TH!

visit www.mbta.com/youthpass to get details & enroll today!


The MBTA is a LIFELINE for youth: because of our age & income, we rely on the T for EVERYTHING: school, work, healthcare, extracurriculars, community service, and arts & culture.. the list goes on.¬†Right now, nearly 1/3 of Boston’s youth are shut out of access to these basic rights & Opportuni(T)’s because we can’t afford the T fares – and transit leadership knows it.

We demand a $10/mo Youth Pass,

available to all youth ages 12-21, year-round with no time or day restrictions.

Access to public transportation is a basic right. Join the movement and tell MassDOT Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey and the MBTA: no more excuses. #youthpass now!

click image: help us reach 10,000 signatures demanding protections for students in the upcoming fare hikes and a Youth Pass now!

Tweet .@mbta .@massDOT we demand a $10 #youthpass NOW, not another fare hike! @youthway

and join the #YouthPass SELFIES Project!

Boston Youth Power March Photos!

Click image for photos: On 3/12, over a hundred youth and #youthpass supporters marched to MassDOT and DIED IN to demand protections for youth & a Youth Pass now! Check out the pix!

We call on MBTA General Manager Beverley Scott, MassDOT Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey, & the MassDOT Board:

1) to protect students in the upcoming fare hike by exempting student fares from the hike &/or adding weekends into the current M5 $25 Student Pass WEEKENDS: WON!
2) to fulfill their promises by using part of the new State House funding that youth played a key role in securing to increase equity and begin a Youth Pass Pilot by Summer 2014
3) to make the T more affordable for youth riders by creating the “Youth Pass” now!


The YAC Story

The Youth Way on the MBTA campaign formed YAC in January 2012 in response to the MBTA’s proposal to raise fares and cut service. With more than 20 participating groups, we called on State House leaders to fix the MBTA funding crisis and Big Dig Debt. YAC got the word out to tens of thousands of youth, testified at tons of public hearings, held 15 creative actions, led the “March for Opportuni(T)” with over 700 youth, and joined with riders and seniors to hold the “Opportuni(T)/Mobili(T) 24-hour Vigil.” As a result of our work and the work of our partners, the fare hikes were drastically reduced, the Governor stepped up with over $60 million in one-time funding, and the Legislature committed to work on transportation funding in the 2013 session.

In 2013, YAC came back to fight another round of MBTA hikes & cuts – and won! Together we put in thousands of calls to the State House; joined the Green Justice Coalition’s Public Transit Public Good campaign (and filed legislation for a Youth Pass, increased transportation funding, equitable fares, and rider input on transit decisions statewide); held public actions; and debuted the Equi(T) Superhero League! In June we launched a citywide Listening Tour to hear about youth transit justice issues & engage young people in our fight, and in July we met with MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott to continue our work on winning a #YouthPass! So far this year, we have won:

  • Over $500 million in new funding for transportation in Massachusetts
  • Rider votes on ALL transit authority boards statewide
  • 5% bi-annual fare hike cap on all transit systems in MA (no more threats of 200% hikes!)
  • Mandatory Community Service Assessments for all transit authorities in MA
  • Monthly meetings with MBTA General Manager Scott to create a road map to the Youth Pass!

And We’re Not Even Done!

Stay tuned for what’s ahead – because the upcoming year is going to be BIGGER, BETTER, MORE POWERFUL, AND MORE EXCITING THAN EVER!
For more information on how to stay connected, click here.

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Youth Way on the MBTA is a campaign for youth transit justice launched in June 2007. We have a right to public transit we can afford, quality service, safety and respect on the MBTA.

We Demand:

1) A new Youth Pass for youth ages 12-21 that costs $10 a month, has no restrictions, and is available in stations.
2) More frequent buses, including double service on key routes during the peak times for youth riders.
3) Respect from transit police.

Click Here to see the Youth Pass Report!

In June 2011, Youth Way on the MBTA released our report based on three years of youth-led research and advocacy: “Opportuni(T): Youth riders, the affordability crisis, and the Youth Pass solution”. Check it out!




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